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AssigniaHealth and safety

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Occupational health and safety are two essential values for Assignia.

Occupational risk prevention training seeks to instil a culture of prevention that goes beyond the existing risks and which promotes healthy lifestyle habits. Within the Essentium Group, which Assignia is part of, the management of know-how is a tool for continued improvement, and is transmitted at all levels and to all employees.

Assignia, aware of the public health and safety problems derived from traffic accidents, and their consequences, has drafted a Mobility and Road Safety Plan. Thus, its goal is to improve the safety of work-related journeys.

In 2013, Assignia did not receive any sanctions or infringement notices related to occupational health and safety from the Department of Work Inspections.

The company has a health and safety system that complies with the specifications set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems of the British Standards Institution.

In this regard, AENOR, as the external certifying body of the OHSAS 18001 System implemented by the company, in its audit report points out that the company's Prevention Service is the organisation's main strength.

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