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AssigniaSustainable Development and Social Responsibility

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Assignia establishes the efficient use of resources and a decrease in the negative impacts of construction processes as a strategic objective of its environmental care business plan.

Assignia seeks to incorporate the social, economic and environmental concerns of its stakeholders into its corporate management and strategy, so that the company develops a real commitment to social cohesion and respect for the environment through dialogue. The ultimate objective is to create value for all the organisation's stakeholders and to improve the contribution to sustainable development.

We are willing to make the effort to maintain an environmental management system that ensures control and continuous improvement of our processes, wherever possible, in order to comprehensively improve our environmental performance and reduce the risks that our operations could cause.

In this sense, Assignia Infraestructuras won the Environmental Award of Madrid and the Award for Excellence and Best Practices granted by AENA.

It was one of the first construction companies to obtain the Certificate of Environmental Management according to the international standard UNE EN ISO 14:001, which it has held since 1997.

It has published different sustainability reports validated by AENOR in accordance with Global Report Initiative criteria.

It has also promoted renewable fuel power plants, as well as renewable electricity power plants. It supports various sport and cultural initiatives, especially sponsoring young talent in the world of music and sport.

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