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The engineering area of Assignia Infraestructuras has carried out technical assistance services in over 100 civil engineering and building projects, totalling €1.5 billion in implementation budgets.

The Company's activities include civil engineering and building studies, designs and projects, construction management and supervision, R & D, quality, the environment, and occupational health and safety in civil engineering and building. 

Included among its major Health and Safety activities are the Guadalquivir Tunnels, the Bahía de Cádiz Bridge and improvement works on the Canal de Isabel II.   

Major projects

Health and safety (in accordance with OHS regulations)

  • Bahía de Cádiz Bridge | Spain / €232 million.
  • Guadalquivir Tunnels | Spain / €475 million.
  • Other State road works in Andalusia | Spain.
  • Canal de Isabel II. Emergency and improvement works, maintenance and renovations for a target population of 1 million inhabitants. Madrid | Spain.
  • Residential building works: housing developments, leisure centres, tourism infrastructure and public building works: hospitals, educational, administrative and sports centres | Spain / €35 million.

Drafting projects

  • Water supply project in Santo Domingo | Dominican Republic / €24 million.
  • Tanger-Kenitra AVE-high speed railroad line | Morocco / 66 km.

Supervision of works

Waterworks, rural infrastructure works, landscaping works…

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