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AssigniaConsultancy and services

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Assignia has been providing solutions for projects across the world for over 30 years.

Assignia designs, manages, implements and administers supply, equipment and service contracts requiring comprehensive treatment. It specialises in the development and implementation of projects in sectors with high social content, providing financial and technical training services and equipment; in healthcare, education, training, agribusiness and the environment. 

The company has focused its operations on countries where the demand for social services is very high. The key to its success as a contractor of complex projects is its capacity to provide specialised services, thanks to a highly qualified team.

Major projects and services

  • Príncipe Felipe Hospital. Cordoba | Argentina.
  • Parla Hospital. Madrid | Spain.
  • Project to improve Technical Training. Paraguay.
  • Project to improve University Research. El Salvador.
  • Multimedia Classroom modernisation project. Cordoba | Argentina.
  • University Institute strengthening project. Venezuela.
  • Primary Education Support Project. Angola.
  • Technical Training Strengthening project (RETEC). Venezuela.
  • La Candelaria Textile School. Venezuela.
  • Granja Hutu.

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