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AssigniaTunnels, bridges and viaducts

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Assignia has participated in the construction of the Pajares railway tunnels, considered to be among the largest and most complex in Europe.

Assignia's experience in building large structures, viaducts, tunnels and bridges is extensive. The company has made one of the largest and most complex railway tunnels in Europe in Pajares, for which it was necessary to use a special tunnel boring machine and to install a voussoir factory.

From the major works carried out, the construction of different tunnels in Spain stands out:

  • Pajares tunnels. Asturias.
  • O’Cañizo tunnel. Ourense.
  • Los Cubillos tunnel. Madrid-Valencia High-Speed line (AVE). Cuenca.
  • La Molina tunnel. Trubia–Asturias.
  • Guadalhorce tunnel. Cordoba–Malaga High-Speed line (AVE).

The construction of viaducts is another activity which distinguishes the company. The following operations are particularly noteworthy: the metal viaduct over the AP-7 motorway in La Roca (Barcelona), the Barcelona-French border High-Speed line, carried out without interrupting traffic on the motorway.

Moreover, it has built other viaducts in Spain, such as the following:

  • Valdemembra viaduct. Madrid-Valencia High-Speed line (AVE). Cuenca.
  • Arroyo de Las Dehesillas Viaduct. Cuenca High-Speed line (AVE).
  • Francolí–Mediterranean Corridor Viaduct.

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