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AssigniaInfrastructure conservation and maintenance

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Conservation and maintenance of 1,000 kilometres of road infrastructure on the Spanish road network.

Assignia Infraestructuras has a division specialised in the conservation and maintenance of major infrastructure, buildings and facilities, as well as in operating concessions for public building, installations and comprehensive maintenance of urban services.

It is conserving and maintaining 1,000 kilometres of roads on the Spanish State network:

  • N-340, A-7, N-350, CA-34, N-351 and N-357. Cadiz (210 km).
  • A-42 and N-401. Toledo (230 km).
  • A-23, N-330, old N-330, N-232, N-122 and N-121. Zaragoza (330 km).
  • CA-3, N-III and N-310. Cuenca (260 km).
  • A-14 Roselló-Almenar. Lleida.
  • C-31. Barcelona.

The company is also involved in the comprehensive conservation and maintenance of urban services for three municipalities in the Community of Madrid, for a total of 200,000 inhabitants:

  • Arganda (55,500 inhabitants/14 years).
  • Pozuelo (84,000 inhabitants/8 years).
  • Majadahonda (70,000 inhabitants/10 years).

In addition, Assignia Infraestructuras is responsible for maintaining and cleaning buildings and facilities in Spain, among which the following stand out:

  • The Ministry of Social Welfare. Valencia.
  • Port of Gijón. Asturias.
  • CAM Police Academy. Madrid.
  • CAM Traffic Group. Madrid.

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