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AssigniaResidential housing

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Assignia Infraestructuras has built 2,500 luxury, free and social housing units.

Assignia Infraestructuras builds quality housing in which it employs cutting-edge architecture and new materials. The result: smart, bioclimatic and eco-efficient housing that meets the most exacting sustainability and energy saving parameters.

So far, the company has participated in the construction of 2,500 luxury, free and social housing units.

The Assignia Infraestructuras commitment to social housing has allowed innovative projects with cutting-edge designs to be developed, such as the construction of 136 social housing units in Carabanchel (Madrid) or 132 in the Ensache de Vallecas promotion, always performed with energy efficiency criteria.

The following are some of the other most significant works carried out by the company in Spain:

  • Social housing (VPO) and 60 unsubsidised housing in Toledo. Castilla-La Mancha.
  • 225 social housing (VPO) units in Loma de Colmenar. Ceuta.
  • 206 social housing (VPO) units in Avenida de Lisboa. Ceuta.
  • 150 social housing (VPO) units in Aranjuez. Madrid.
  • 144 social housing (VPO) units in Virgen de la Encina. Madrid.
  • 127 social housing (VPO) units in Arroyomolinos. Madrid.
  • 61 social housing (VPO) units in Camino de Alcorcón II. Madrid.
  • 126 social housing (VPO) units in Valdemoro. Madrid.
  • 80 unsubsidised luxury housing in Amado Nervo. Madrid.
  • 160 unsubsidised housing in Torre de Valencia. Madrid.
  • 179 unsubsidised housing and 75 unsubsidised chalets in Estepona. Malaga.
  • 62 social housing (VPO) units in Calviá. Majorca.

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