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AssigniaHistorical buildings

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Assignia has developed conservation projects in buildings representing Spain's historical heritage.

Assignia Infraestructuras has a large restoration and refurbishment team, which has developed major conservation projects on buildings representing Spain's historical heritage, resulting in over 250,000 m2 being refurbished.

The confidence shown by the entities responsible for keeping this heritage alive has allowed the company to win major contracts for conserving and restoring the Monastery of El Escorial, the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, the Villanueva Pavilion of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid - awarded by the Spanish National Research Council-, the National Museum of Romanticism (Madrid) and Llerena Palace in Badajoz, among others.

In the area of architecture for hotels and unique buildings, the following stand out: the refurbishment of the Ducal Palace of Lerma for its conversion into a Parador Hotel, the Lorca Parador Hotel and the Ciudad Rodrigo Parador Hotel, as well as various projects in castles, museums and other historic buildings in Spain's monumental heritage.

Some of the main works carried out on historical buildings in Spain are:

  • The Residential Palace of the Botanical Garden. Malaga.
  • Llerena Palace. Badajoz.
  • Railway station in Zaragoza.
  • Ethnological Museum of Barcelona.
  • Refurbishment of the Old Dr. Peset Hospital. Valencia.
  • Museum of Romanticism. Madrid.
  • School of Architects. Granada.
  • Granada Postal Centre.
  • Official School of Communications building. Madrid.
  • Monastery of Santa Cruz. Toledo.
  • Royal Palace of Aranjuez. Madrid.

Among the works on hotels and parador hotels carried out in Spain, the following stand out:

  • Lorca Parador Hotel. Murcia.
  • Ducal Palace of Lerma Parador Hotel. Burgos.
  • Ibiza Parador Hotel.
  • La Palma Parador Hotel. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Ciudad Rodrigo Parador Hotel. Salamanca.
  • Trujillo Parador Hotel. Cáceres.
  • Hotel Mencey. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Hotel in Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona.

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