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AssigniaComprehensive Installations

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Companies such as Telefónica and EADS are included among Assignia's portfolio of customers.

Assignia carries out Comprehensive Installation projects in different areas. Among the companies that have hired our services are Telefónica and EADS, as a reference for our work.

Different projects have been carried out concerning the remodelling of industrial buildings, HVAC, electricity, telecommunication systems, access control and security systems, fire systems, PA systems and pneumatic medical gas delivery systems are included among our comprehensive installations.

The following are included among the most significant works:

  • Airbus A350 | EADS Getafe. Madrid, Spain.
  • Barajas Airport. T4 remodelling. Madrid, Spain.
  • Telefónica District C. Madrid, Spain.
  • Ethnographic Museum in Barcelona, Spain.
  • RTVE Torrespaña, Prado del Rey, Buñuel, Seville, San Cugat, Spain, buildings.
  • High Specialisation Hospital in Ixtapaluca, Mexico.

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