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AssigniaIndustrial construction

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Assignia Industrial aims to lead the industrial momentum being experienced on the international scene.

Assignia Industrial is a company with extensive experience in engineering, construction and maintenance of major industrial projects in various sectors. Among them, those relating to the following stand out:

  • Energy: hydroelectric power stations, photovoltaic plants, wind power stations, biofuel production plants.
  • Power lines, substations and control systems.
  • Water treatment: desalination and treatment plants.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Facilities, equipment, maintenance and adaptation in: hospitals, sports centres, hotels, train stations and museums, among many others.

The technical solvency of Assignia Industrial is guaranteed by its multidisciplinary experience and the international location of many of its projects in countries such as Mexico, Italy and Turkey. All of which provides it with the necessary competence in order to tackle industrial projects of all types, sizes and locations, with the full guarantee of implementing them with the highest quality.

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